6 Saris for Diwali Trunk


Like how the illustrious stories of our past are woven seamlessly into our present and are part of our future, we become the beholders of various emotions and tales. Our traditions play a major role in the cultural foundation of this nation. We come together to celebrate many festivals. But, Diwali is one of the Indian festivals that unites people across different faiths and beliefs. On this day, we light our homes and we never forget to invite people and have a good party filled with laughter and happiness. Parisera joins your celebration and we want to make it very special. Today, we have picked six saris that not only upholds our craft traditions but are also delectably fashionable.


Shikargarh Benarasi


This traditional Gadwal Silk Cotton sari in an unusual colour combination is simple and yet luxurious. We totally love the checkered pattern across its body. Besides the colour, we ask you to look at the border. Kuttu borders are a speciality of the Gadwal weave, where the body of the sari and the border is joined using a unique interlocking technique.


This festive season, bring in the regal and the mighty Indian weave to the dance floor. Featured here, is a black coloured Benarasi Khadwa sari in an intricate Shikargarh pattern. Across its body, you will find beautiful motifs of the hunter, elephant, cheetah, deer and peacock. It is part of our Shikargarh series that captures the magical jungle in all its glory.



Mashru Ajrakh


Vanasingharam Kanjivaram

Ajrakh Mashru

Your heart will definitely leap if you find the perfect statement-making sari that is also completely comfortable. We have the perfect sari. It has two spectacular crafts that are both ancient and contemporary. With Ajrakh patterns hand blocked across the lustrous Mashru fabric, this sari will be the best choice for your Diwali night.


We adore the lovely colours across this intricate Kanjivaram. In deep burgundy coloured body and blue coloured border, the focus here is on the Vanasingharam pattern on its broad border. Deers, Peacocks, Horses are set against the gorgeous silken texture which manifests the rich jungle onto one of India’s ancient weave. We also love this sari’s brilliant pallav, making it the best option for Diwali.


Gond Painted Maheshwari
Pochampally Ikat

Gond Maheshwari

The detailing in this Gond art will surely make you stand apart! Drape this exquisite red coloured Maheshwari Silk Cotton in hues with yellow coloured zari border. We always love hand painted saris as they lend uniqueness and adds a piece of history to your wardrobe. On the festival of lights, we choose this, for its cultural significance and the burst of colours across the patterns.

Pochampally Ikat Silk

A weave that is as old as the land itself, we cannot tell you how much we love this sari! It plays a quintessential role in every sari connoisseur’s mind. This brightly coloured sari has the favourite triangle shaped pattern across the border. A must-have ethnic sari for this festive season.


This Diwali, we want to share the happiness with our tribe with this special list of saris and don’t forget to pair it with some amazing jewellery.