Eternal Love

Wedding Trousseau


From the cozy confines of her womb, she fiercely guards you against the outer world. Her lullabies are evident of her sleepless nights for the selfless journey, to make you a bolder, stronger and a kinder human. Not every bond is as strong as what a daughter shares with her mother and no other relationship thrives on such stark differences of two women with same genes but different and fiercer mind.
As she chides you for the burnt dal, the unkempt closet, chopped bangs, bad investment plans or not saying Namaste to complete strangers she also secretly smiles at every stutter you uttered, meticulously jots down your accomplishments and helps you to get back on the road to achieve more. She will always be the wind beneath your wings, the reason to fly higher and the biggest critic in your life.


A subtle coral pink Kanjivaram

An intricate purple Kanjivaram

In this bridal trousseau series, we at Parisera want to celebrate the bond between the mother and daughter which has an undying gleam, the eternal friendship between two strong women who may not accept on every issue but will always take one side in the end.

Indian weddings are grand and bride needs the focal point to keep her rooted and sane, you can always find her mom checking on the bride every second, they don’t lose out on each other, they don’t centralize their emotional needs, but we understand that the mom bird is starting to feel the jitters of the empty nest.


Bride and mother sharing an emotional moment
Source: Pinterest, Guilty bytes


A rich red Kanjivaram

The mom plays the vital role in making the bride feel beautiful, she is always round the corner dabbing bride’s face, giving advice at every step – look down, smile at them, pull you sari, walk slowly. There are moments that you can find her settle down a little to look at her princess, but those are very quick glances caught in the frenzy of the wedding saga.

Beginning with tucking her sari in, watching her daughter dance away she knows somewhere deep in her bones that the woman she raised, has achieved far and beyond her dreams, but Indian moms rarely admit that but we know, from her megawatt smile and dreams filled eyes.


Purple Kanjivaram with wide border
Mother and bride’s cherishing moment

We are enthralled and left speechless by the intensity of her love, this special bond needs a much needed love from the world of Parisera, where we cherish love and eternal promises, a relationship that is for life. She chooses perfection over mediocrity and never adjusts for anything less for her daughter.

As the bride leaves her home to make her own, it is the mom who makes the greatest sacrifice. She lets go of a little girl who will always remain the same, etched in her heart as the one who twirled in her tiny toes, laced frocks from her memory, someone who stole her makeup to look pretty, the doll who called her constantly for every tiny doubt. She now is looking at a grown woman who is standing on her feet, making a home, creating changes in her own small way.