Meenakshi Arvind is an avid traveller, a car enthusiast who recently completed the Coimbatore to London trip travelling across 24 countries and covering 26,800Km in 72 Days.

Standing Tall in a beautiful blue coloured Handwoven Linen sari.

Meenakshi’s voice assures you that the conversation is going to be peppered with tales that evokes admiration, makes you believe in dreams to reach for the never-ending horizon, embark on journeys that teach you lessons and to always keep your heart open for adventures. She was raised in a close-knit family in Coimbatore where she did her schooling and spent her college days. Always cocooned by her elder brothers, she says that “Marrying Arvind Ramakrishnan and moving to Dindugal was the life-changing moment”. An extrovert, she spends most of her time amidst people who help her to learn the detailed beauty of life through their personal journey, experiences and that has eventually helped her in shaping her.


Meenakshi’s houses are an extension of herself.
A candid picture of sheer confidence, she is seen here in a Jamdani Silk sari.

There is something about Meenakshi’s determination that leaves us with an impish grin. She comes from a family of industrialists yet she chose to own a resort that stays untouched by modernity as she keeps it as close to nature as possible. The free spirit in her that craves for new adventures lets her take decisions that liberate her soul. This little heaven in Dindugal gives her a chance to meet people from all walks of life and exchange notes of happiness.

A car enthusiast and a travelling soul is the perfect combination and we witnessed this zeal to conquer roads, break barriers and the will to challenge her in accomplishing impossible feats. We wanted to know about the Coimbatore to London trip, the challenges and the learning that she takes home. She says that “It all started when I went on an India to Thailand trip in 2016, I knew it in my bones that I can pull this off. I began to plan the trip meticulously by reaching out to like-minded women across various social platforms, many of my friends came forward but as fate would have it, strangers came together to pull this off. It was meant to happen and we travelled across 24 countries with a humble heart.”

This journey is a remarkable feat but Meenakshi wishes that more women should come forward to travel, to find inspirations beyond the normalcy. More than what she invested in this trip, she took home memories and strength derived from facing the unknown. “I am deeply humbled by this journey where we met amazing people and cherish each moment of this trip. We wanted to spread awareness on the importance of literacy and we learnt a great deal ourselves”. It was not an easy task, it needed constant vigilance and to be on alert. Meenakshi and the team trained mentally and physically for this and achieved it perfectly.



In a serious discussion with her dog, she is here wearing an Organic Cotton sari.

Immersed in her books, she is draped in a handwoven grey coloured Gadwal sari with Kuttu borders.

A vegetarian by choice and an animal lover, Meenakshi gives a safe home to stray animals. She loves the six yards and is always seen impeccably dressed in her signature flamboyance. “I had watched the tribes of Nagaland weave their trademark scarves, sitting outside their homes. In stunning colours, inspired by the natural abundance around them, I found the land come alive in their weave. It was a special moment where I was awestruck to see nearly 18 tribes come together to celebrate the ‘Hornbill Festival’. In Peru, I saw an Alpaca being shredded for its wool which was later woven into garments. I learnt that the wool was as soft as cashmere, warmer than sheep wool, hypo-allergenic and almost completely waterproof”.
She was always fascinated by the weaving clusters nearby Dindugal, she says that “Closer to home is the Chinnalapatti cluster (Dindigul District) where the famous Sungudi is made with traditional Tie and Dye method and the famous Gandhigram University also makes Kadhi and Linen Saris with natural vegetable dyes”. Travelling through the South America, she found that the people celebrated life and their land. A feeling that she instantly related to, the Amazon’s biodiversity and its many resources to the mankind astounded her. Meenakshi has always believed in living the moment and never to postpone one’s wishes. She loves surrounding herself with people, draw strength from conversations with complete strangers and trust in the power of integrity.

“The need to inspire many is important but to be kind and considerate is more than important”.
As told to Madhumitha Kamalakannan, exclusively for Parisera.