About Us

Parisera is an online repository of luxury handwoven saris.

Our name, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘parisara’, meaning environment, speaks to a mindfulness of context. We are concerned not merely with the ‘what’ of beautiful things, but also the ‘how’, the ‘where’ and the ‘why’. Within the warp and weft of a sari made painstakingly by hand, live many histories and legacies – and when tended to with curiosity and respect, they elevate the sari from just a beautiful garment to a singular possession of great value. Craft, Provenance and Identity, therefore, are our guiding principles, and, we believe, the litmus test of true luxury. Every one of the handcrafted products we source from artisans across India bears a happy intersection of these ideals.


Rich and increasingly rare indigenous textiles, made from natural fibres, lovingly wrought by hand, and suffused with tradition. And the incredible skill of the weaver who fights mounting odds to keep them alive.


The origin of a craft tradition, which tells the story of a place, a people and a time – of India itself. Preserving its integrity is a way to witness and celebrate diverse narratives, as well as imbue products with meaning and uniqueness.


The rigorous curation of products to seamlessly fit the modern woman’s idiom of quality, design and eco-consciousness – but with craft as the focal point always.


Luxury for us is not defined by price, but authenticity and inimitable workmanship. The weaver, therefore, is the protagonist of the Parisera story. They are the keeper of age-old knowledge systems, ecologically sound practices, and indeed, of the second largest industry in India. Parisera aims to accord them the pride and financial stability they so richly deserves by building them a sustainable revenue model. If the weaver thrives, Indian craft traditions will endure and flourish.

At present, 2,500 weavers and master weavers across India are part of the Parisera family, enabling us to showcase almost all Indian sari crafts - kanjeevarams from Tamil Nadu, gadwals and uppadas from Andhra Pradesh, paithanis from Maharashtra, bandhinis from Rajasthan, chanderis and maheshwaris from Madhya Pradesh, benarasis from Benaras, bomkais, kotpads and ikats from Odisha - that are beautiful, unique and sustainable. No less than future heirlooms.

Our team of textile and fashion experts identify the crafts and cherry pick the products so you won’t have to plough endlessly through reams of options in search of the right one. We want you to enjoy exploring and discovering the right Parisera for you, and then we want you to acquire it through swift and mindful service that matches our luxury ethos.

When you shop Parisera, you become part of a larger movement of consciousness and conservation. You become part of a story that extends far beyond the here and the now.