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Indian weaving traditions are as ancient as the land itself, we are finding and highlighting the beauty of each region through our collections. Read More

Introducing Apoorbo Weaves: Founded by Lathika, the label works closely with the many weaving clusters, in and around Kolkata. She believes in bridging the wide gap between the rural clusters and the urban clientele. So, the design aesthetics remains both traditional and modern. Her travels have been the biggest inspiration in her life. She often visits the nook and corner of this nation, not only for the purpose of sourcing unique craft knowledge but also to absorb the lives of the people. Lathika firmly believes that her brand has to reflect style and elegance in a perfect combination.

Why we love Apoorbo Weaves: We love the bright hues, the subtle embellishments and the absolute comfort of the drape. The collection boast of handwoven drapes that is inspired by the natural beauty of the land. 

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