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Swati & Sunaina's designs are a facsimile of their own attitude of perfectionism. With their incredible handiwork and tasteful designs, Swati and Sunaina leave no stone unturned in creating heirloom pieces complemented with precise details sharing the work gone behind their production. Read More

Introducing Swati & sunaina: Founded in 2007 in Calcutta, Swati & Sunaina is an eponymous brand which aims at reviving the lost treasures of Indian woven textiles. The label seeks to achieve perfection with rare details and elaborate hand work bolstered with distinctive designs. With this focus in mind, the two work tenaciously towards infusing traditional elements with the contemporary, resulting in magnificent and exquisite tapestries enough to leave us floored.

Why we love Swati & sunaina: With an extremely responsive approach to design, Swati and Sunaina seek to establish speciality over generality and quality over quantity. Each sari comes in a wooden box bearing the weaver's name, design details, a certificate of authenticity, zari weight and its purity details. With such attention to detail and rare pellucidity, Swati and Sunaina certainly establish themselves a few notches higher than their peers.

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