Elephants of the Land

In this collection, we have handpicked saris with our favourite motif – The Elephant. In India, the elephant is synonymous with Royalty, Bravery, Loyalty and Wealth. From the mythical association with Lord Indra to the royal friend of Mughal Emperor Akbar, this animal is closely related to power. Read More

Here, you will find beautiful drapes from all over the country filled with Elephant motifs. Each region of this mighty nation celebrates the Elephant in many forms. Lord Ganesha, a favourite amongst everyone is the giver of wisdom and knowledge. In Odisha, the Lord Jagannath is paraded with the mask of the Elephant during the summer season, as it is, believed that the Elephant brings rain. We also find instances in Sangam Literature where the Elephant was used as a symbol of King's power and wealth. We are enamoured by the love and respect it receives from mankind.

Explore this collection with us, as we dedicate it to the most loved animal of India.

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