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Driven by the spirit to unite the ethical craftsmanship and the time-honoured designs of Khadi’s timeless fashion. Read More

Introducing IWEARKHADI: The team aims to make Khadi, the revolutionary fabric, an integral part of the fashion industry and deliver good quality products without compromising on social and ethical responsibilities. With their extensive product portfolio and hassle-free customer service, the whole team of IWEARKHADI is dedicated to reviving the ancient process of the handspun and make it popular on the global platform. A true “Make in India” venture, I Wear Khadi is a brand we all should be proud of. Every product of IWearKhadi weaves a beautiful story about the artisans who made it.

Why we love IWEARKHADIThey are not limited to market trends and forecasts, instead, they derive their inspiration from the people, surroundings, travel, mood and stories. The designs are a bold take on reminiscence and etch a memory in our heart. 



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