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Kamal Vasthralaya
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Coming from a veritable lineage of Master Craftsmen, Kamal Vasthralaya has dedicated themselves to the admiration and creation of the mystical silks that are the jewel of Tamilnadu. Read More

Introducing Kamal Vasthralaya: The parampara of the Devanga elders believed that Devala Maharishi wove diaphanous silks for the devas and the royalty on earth. Born in this family is Shri KamalKumar who took over the 30 odd silk looms from his grandfather and is now sustaining and growing Kamal Vasthralaya. 

Kamal Vasthralayas has been focusing on the beautiful softer silks of Tamilnadu, a silk that drapes and flows more gently, in bursts of beautiful colour juxtapositions, embellished with classic motifs in silken threads and muted metallics. These silks combines versatility and elegance, adapting to every setting and occasion....explore this versatile take on the classic weave and make it your own.

Why we love Kamal Vasthralaya: Kamal Vasthralaya, has combined ancient mystical beauty with elegance fit for the modern woman. The gentle but majestic elephant, historically associated with royalty, power and prosperity, inspires wonder. The Mayil (peacock) is a timeless motif of pure grace, beauty and integrity. The lithe and poised Maan (deer) evokes a sense of grace.

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