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At Nadiya Paar, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. The designs are an inspiration from the magical colors and looms spread across the nation. Incredible India is the backdrop against which Megha creates her pieces of art. Read More

Introducing Nadiya Paar: Nadiya Paar literally translates to ‘leave behind the old and sail forward to the new’. The brand aims in an organic growth by following sustainable processes and also in the development of community through a holistic approach. Founded by Megha Kanera a NIFT alumni, the brand is driven by passion invoked from the nature, raw materials and textile techniques of the various weaving clusters in India.

Why we love Nadiya Paar: Megha strives to transform her inspiring travel stories into the canvas of the textiles. The relaxed lines of the fabric, the imperfect aberrations along the length celebrate the demeanor of the designer. She designs for the woman who is well aware of the whole process and will reuse the sari in different ways.

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