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Weaving dreamy drapes along the river Narmada, the land of Maheshwar heralds the modern changes with grounded conviction. Read More

Introducing Noorani:
Maheshwar, a riverside town in Madhya Pradesh is significantly known for the weaving clusters. Gulrez and Nasir belong to the fourth generation of an illustrious weaving family. The brand Noorani is exclusively launched for the first time at Parisera. 
The loom remains as the heart of the family. Every member plays a unique role in the making of the fabric. Both, Glurez and Nasir Ansari joined the business and keep introducing modern changes to the design palette. This is evident in their design aesthetics. 
"The driving factor for launching the brand is to bridge the gap between the weaving clusters and the discerning urban clientele", says Gulrez.
Why We Love:
This collection of Silk, Cotton and Silk Cotton Maheshwari saris in scintillating colours and artistic patterns will definitely soothe your soul. We are thrilled by the uniqueness of each sari. Also, the collection aptly reflects the design ethos of the brand. The designs are refreshingly new and we are totally in love with the saris. 


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