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Introducing Nuppur's: ‘Nuppur's’ take care of several families under their umbrella who was on the verge of renouncing art for the sake of lack of remuneration. The brand was founded by Maushami Kabiraj and Nuppur Kabiraj, who restored hope and art from falling prey to the gruelling money machine and helped the artist from becoming construction labourers. The enterprise is in a pragmatic, customer-centric and contemporary form. They understand their customer requirements. They understand and implement the need of the modern urban art lover – who believes in aesthetics over a mindless splash of colours

Why We Love Nuppur's: Nuppur's is the perfect destination to look out for some eclectic mix of Madhubani art along with Indian embroideries on a handloom. The art that was a passion of Devi Sita, while growing up in Mithila is a story known to all. This ancient art form got a modern twist, without compromising on its inherent sensibilities by this Mother-Daughter Duo.

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