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Indian weaving legacy is older than the land itself, bringing it all together under one umbrella is the first and foremost duty for us. Read More

Introducing Ohfab:- Founded by the sister-duo Aanchal Sagar and Akshita Sagar, Ohfab revives age-old weaving techniques and designs, woven by the most skilled artisans across India. Ohfab represents timelessness, quality, heritage, exclusivity and authenticity. The team works at the grassroots level with the weaving communities in various parts of India to enable them to carry forward their legacy and pride. 

Why We Love Ohfab:- We adore the exquisite collection of handwoven saris from Varanasi, Paithan, Kota, with motifs and techniques that are hundreds of years old. All of Ohfab’s creations are hand-woven on hundreds of its own looms in various parts of India. The high-quality mulberry silk, fine count cotton yarns (typically exceeding 100 counts) and tested or pure zari. The uniqueness and the rare design canvases set them apart from other brands. 

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