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Introducing Parama: The label ‘Parama’ was founded in the year 2015 by Parama Ghosh. A lawyer by profession and unsatisfied at it, she followed her heart to plunge into designing a range of saris inspired by the beauty of Batik and Kantha. She began the journey with few artisans, now she has 100 women working for her, where she designs and runs a small unit from Bolpur, West Bengal. The label works closely with fabrics like Murshidabad Silk, Dhonekali and Phulia and excels in art forms like Batik and Kantha, two age-old and rich crafts of the nation. The brand aims at creating a strong workforce of women who are independent and self-sufficient. Also, Parama wants to expand the choice of fabrics and cover the nation’s famous crafts.

Why we love Parama: Parama whispers love notes to the saris, as there are a glow and character to each sari. The saris are treated as living, breathing entity rather than a piece of fabric. We adore how words, pictures, and design elements jostle to find a unique and cherished space in these dreamy drapes embellished with Batik and Kantha work inspired from the famous Bengal Alpona motif.

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