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The Parisera Edit tributes the Parisera Woman.

We celebrate the woman who is not deterred by her challenges, who is ready to take them on and walk the walk. She is the woman who balances the multiple roles effortlessly but most importantly strives to get a woman, her rightful place in the society, demonstrably and vocally. This woman is not represented by her physical alone, and Parisera aims to dwell into her inner meaning, her journey, understand the ropes that held her back or the hands that gave her a support. Our Curatorial explores this woman, in the context of a sari. Our Second Edit in this season presents Mamta Sharma Das, a successful PR Professional, a super mom and a style enthusiast. Discover the flowing drapes of exquisite Kanjivarams, with Mamta in the backdrop of a quintessential Indian home.

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