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Parisera invites you to immerse in the myth of Sage Markandeya, the celestial weaver and his descendants who are the creators of the famed Kanjivaram. It is also a testament to the boundless creativity of man that connects this godly weaves to humans. According to legends, Markandeya was asked by Shiva to perform a yagna to clothe people of the world. Out of the fire emerged Bhavanarayana, holding a lotus and Vishnu gave him fibres from the lotus that stems from his navel, to weave it into cloth for the ‘Devas’ and the humans. Vishnu directed him, “Go forth and make clothes from fibres from trees and plants for all humankind and the Gods.” Read More

From the godly weaves, we bring you an inspired collection that focuses on a special style of a border - The Retta Pettu

Retta Pettu is one of the most auspicious patterns in the craft of Kanjivaram. It is a type of border, where two lines run parallelly on either side of a broad border. The two lines signify the lives of the bride and bridegroom, who shall live their life as two equals walking side by side. Thus, this sari is a very special bridal sari among the South Indians.

Explore with us, this collection of Kanjivarams in irresistible colours and wondrous designs.

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