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Opulent Kanjivarams woven in accordance with the craft culture of the city, the brand stands for authentic processes and weaving methodologies. Read More

Introducing Shreenivas Silks:  Launched in 1905, they are trusted in weaving the heritage of the city with the drapes that are not only considered auspicious but also a symbol of Indian culture. The craftsmen practised methods that were part of ancient knowledge. Even decades later, the brand still infuses the wisdom of the master craftsmen with the sensibilities of the modern aesthetics to produce one of India's authentic Kanjivarams.

Why we love Shreenivas Silks: The brand brings a promising line of Kanjivarams in its truest form of authenticity. Like the night sky, studded with bright stars. This collection is unique in its own way. Each sari is a stunning piece of magical artistry.

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