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An amalgamation of the modern sensibilities with the ancient design ethos, the brand strives to bring together all the weaving traditions of this nation under one umbrella. Read More

Introducing Shreevastra: Having grown up in Kanchipuram, amidst looms, yarns and weavers, Shri Varadan has been able to put his engineering mind to great use in his family business. With innovative loom set up, he was able to retain his edge, remain loyal to handloom and still grow his design house and brand. Shreevastra is part of the Shreenivas Silks that aims at appropriating the weaves of this nation to prosper and be part of the modern Indian woman's wardrobe.

Why We Love Shreevastra: Parisera loves delicate Kora and Soft Silks that embodies luxury in everyday comfort.

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