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Introducing Sitamahalakshmi Silks: Sitamahalakshmi Silks was established by Mrs Sushmita Pradeep and Mr Pradeep with the aim to uplift the Silk weaving heritage and to support the untiring labour of passionate Indian artisans. Mrs Sushmita is the 4th generation entrepreneur hailing from a family, which possesses a phenomenal knowledge in weaving, and has produced a promising line of silk saris for every occasion for more than 60-Years. Mr Pradeep is an entrepreneur who has a strong base and knowledge in the E-commerce industry. 

Why We Love Sitamahalakshmi SilksThe limited edition of handpicked premium Silk saris from Sitamahalakshmi Silks meets the desire of every woman who loves and adores exquisite Kanjivarams. The saris not only exhibit the intricate workmanship of the artisans, but also the years of weaving knowledge is nestled in its folds. 


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