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Traditions are not restrictive, but rather they form the base for experimentation. Mixing fabrics and techniques of dying and surface ornamentation from all over the country makes each sari a piece of varied cultures. Read More

Introducing Tina Eapen: Handlooms and natural dyes have always been a part of Indian culture. Many different processes have been developed and perfected by our forefathers throughout the course of our history. Unfortunately, handlooms are a dying industry and are being replaced by mass manufactured machine made fabrics. The brand intends to bring life back into this dying industry by using dyes and fabrics that are entirely natural, made using authentic techniques. Each piece in their collection has travelled around the country to undergo authentic work, done by artisans who are masters of their trade. Their fabrics tell the tales of not just the weavers but of their forefathers who have passed down their knowledge through generations.

Why We Love Tina Eapen: This collection of Cotton and Linen saris are meticulously handwoven at their looms to produce light breathable fabrics. Their soft pastel hues are remnant of the warm summers spent enveloped in the arms of nature. These saris with the floral prints depict the beauty of a water coloured painting. They are an embodiment of elegance and class.

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