Varnam: Grey Edition

India welcomes Ma Durga into the homes with loads of celebrations and festivities. The customs and rituals vary across the nation but at the centre of all, is one universal truth. The nation addresses the Shakthi as the creator of the universe and pays respects to her triumph. On the fifth day, we are invoking the blessings of Ma Skandamata – Mother of Lord Skanda/Karthikeyan/Murugan. Read More

When Sati was in a rigorous penance to marry Shiva, the land was terrorized by a demon called Tarakasur. He had received a boon from Brahma, that he can be killed only by Shiva’s son. The lord of the universe was in the mountains, away from the mankind. To finish his meditation, the gods decided to send Manmadhan (God of Love) to him. He used all his energy to disturb Shiva. The moment Shiva realized about this plan, he opened his third eye and destroyed Manmadhan. All the energy that released into the act, converted into a young child. The child was transferred into Parvati’s womb. This form of Parvati is worshipped as Skandamata – Mother of Skanda. 
A mother’s love protects, nurtures, and helps in the growth of her children. This special collection of grey coloured saris symbolizes Devi’s protective shield as a mother. 

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