Varnam: Royal Blue Edition

In India traditions, beliefs and tales are infused in everyone’s soul. Our festivals not only celebrate the faith but also the deeply rooted ideologies. Navratri is India’s grandest festival that proudly marks the triumph of Ma Durga. Parisera brings to you a special series that chimes in Navratri with 9 distinct colours associated with Devi’s journey. Read More

After the return of Sati Devi as Parvati, in the house of Himalayas, the family of Himavan was content and filled with joy. She lived in the comfort of the palace. Later, Narada visited Parvati Devi and reminded her of the purpose of her return – To marry Lord Shiva. The princess left the palatial grounds and started her rigorous penance. Devi did not touch food, fruits or even leaves throughout this tough period. Acknowledging her thousand years of penance, Lord Vishnu came from the heaven and asked her to stop the meditation. But, Devi refused and went on for another thousand years. Every living soul was moved by her determination. This form of Durga is worshipped as Ma Brahmacharini.

Lord Shiva who was himself engrossed in years of meditation opened his eyes and walked to Parvati. He found that it was Sati who had returned to him and accepted to marry her. The colour blue is symbolically associated with Ma Brahmacharini’s regal splendour and her calm heart. We welcome you to explore the pleats of carefully curated royal blue coloured saris that emanates regality in every strand.

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