Varnam: White Edition

In India, Navratri is considered as the grandest festival that spans over nine days and nine nights. The rituals vary across the nation but at the centre of all these celebrations, the meaning remains the same – The Triumph of Devi. Read More

According to a famous legend, there were two demons named Chanda and Munda who created havoc in devlok. They joined hands with Rakthveej. This demon had the ultimate power, every time a drop of his blood spilt on the ground, a new demon will rise. Parvathi was confounded by the mayhem created by all these demons. She created Kaalratri or Kaali from her forehead. A fierce form of Durga with a dark complexion, long and wild hair, and long tongue and had four arms. She descended into the battlefield and killed each demon one by one. When she attacked Rakthveej she was taken aback. 

Both Parvathi and Kaali formed a team and with every strike from Parvathi, Devi Kaali drank the blood that spilt from Rakthveej. Thus, Kaali killed Rakthveej by beheading him and drinking his blood. 
Ma Kaali is also known as Shubhamkari - The one who brings forth auspicious things. Since Maha Saptami is the beginning of the three consecutive days of celebrations, disciples worship Ma Kaali on this day. She is the epitome of auspicious beginnings. The colour white is pure, pristine and rightly represents Ma Kaali’s, noble heart. 

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