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Introducing Vermilion by Vinti: Vermilion is founded by Vinti Goenka, who worked as a fashion curator for over 7-Years and decided to finally launch her own brand. She wanted to fill the gap in the market for curated saris. Her passion for weaves and handwoven handloom pieces made her venture into this business. She ultimately pursued her passion when she moved closer to India after living in London for over 19 years. The brand strongly focuses on promoting weaves of India and its rich cultural heritage. The brand is closely associated with the weaving clusters of Benarasis, Patola, Bandhani and Chikankaari.

Why We Love Vermilion by Vinti: Every sari here is an extension of her soul. We find inspiring weaves that speak of our traditions and belief system. She has also extensively worked in enriching the weaving community. This is an important part of her journey that we closely identify and love the most.


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