Parisera Edit: Vintage Blossom

There is something about the sunrise that is absolutely mysterious. It awakens our senses every day and lets us embark on an eventful journey, promised for the day. As we go about, our lives always remain as a reflection of our memories. We go back and seek strength in the deep bottom of our heart, wherein, lies the prowess of generations and generations of women who walked before us.

Today, we pay tribute to a long lost era that is still etched in all our memories. Sublime and delicate, the women belonging to the vintage era, believed in the lovely textures, simplicity, and the will to live life through minimal aspirations. Here, our stylists have put together a beautiful collection of saris in divine colours across the assorted weaves rooted to the land.

Join us, to travel back to the glorious years of minimalistic sophistication. Each sari here exudes beauty, innately symbolic of harmony and subtlety.

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